Church Secretary

Derek Atkins has been a member at SBC for a long time, he is a Deacon and is married to Betty.

Church Treasurer

Roy Maxim is our Church Treasurer, along with the many other jobs he does, he works in the banking world and is married to Ann.

Childrens Deacon

Teresa Willmot has a huge passion for children and families in our community, she also supervises our Youth Worker and is married to David.

Pastoral Care Deacon

Rachael Wickington is the deacon overseeing pastoral care. She is married to David, and has just become a Grandma for the first time.

Prayer Deacon

Leigh Smith is the deacon in charge of prayer, he loves a long walk and runs the group Friends on Foot. He is married to Barbara and he is just about to retire.

Evangelism Deacon

Rachel Woolcott is the Deacon overseeing evangelism, she moved to Sidcup for University and has been around ever since, helping on the youth team and now being a Deacon, she is married to Chris.

Worship Deacon

Richard Longman is the deacon in charge of worship, he plays piano and is married to Penny.

Missions Deacon

David Jelley is the deacon over seeing missions and missionaries that the church supports and is connected with. He is married to Sarah and they have two kids.

Youth Worker

Martha Stringer is our Youth Development Worker. She has been at the church since September 2015 and will be finishing her degree in Theology and Youth Ministry in June 2017.


Currently the church are in the process of finding a new minister, if you would like to know more about this please email