Alex Newens started as our pastor in September 2017. He's married to Hannah, a GP, and they love cacti. To grow in humility, Alex supports Arsenal FC.

Church Treasurer

Roy Maxim is our (Hon.) Church Treasurer, a role he combines with many and various other responsibilities too numerous to mention.

Church Secretary

Rachael Wickington is our (Hon.) Church Secretary, she also turns her hand to many things including catering and AV operation.

Children's Deacon

Teresa Willmot oversees the children's work here at SBC, it's a great passion of hers.

Prayer Deacon

Leigh Smith is the deacon in charge of prayer.  He loves a long walk and runs the group Friends on Foot.

Worship Deacon

Richard Longman is the deacon overseeing worship.

Evangelism Deacon

Rachel Woolcott is the deacon overseeing evangelism.  She also helps with the youth team and Hub.

Seniors Deacon

Marcia Minto joined the diaconate in November 2017, Marcia oversees SBC's seniors work and is a member of the OWLS team.

Youth Worker

Martha Stringer is our Youth Development Worker. Having started part-time in September 2015, after completing her degree in Theology and Youth Ministry she became full-time in September 2017.

Mission Deacon

Diane Norton joined the diaconate in November 2017, she keeps in touch with the missionaries SBC has links with abroad.