Our Premises

Our church buildings comprise the main meeting space, an adjoining halls complex and gardens that include some parking space.

The main meeting space has twice been expanded from its original size and accommodates around 160 seated, with flexibility to vary the layout to suit the occasion and incorporating a baptistery (the pool where baptisms take place). We have a modern sound and audio-visual system (including induction loop for those hard of hearing).

The halls complex was partially rebuilt in 2009/10 and comprises a main hall, five smaller meeting rooms (two of which can be combined into one large room), toilets and a large kitchen. The entire complex complies with access requirements in the Disability Discrimination Act.

For enquiries about weddings, funerals or other services (e.g. dedications, thanksgiving or memorial services), please contact secretary@sidcupbaptistchurch.org.uk.
The premises are unlicensed so alcohol cannot be consumed anywhere on the site.

The main function of our buildings is as a venue for meetings for Christian worship and teaching, and the associated activities of various church-based groups. But as part of our commitment to our community we are open to requests to hire or borrow our premises for use by selected groups or individuals at the discretion of the Trustees.

For general enquiries about use of our buildings, please contact secretary@sidcupbaptistchurch.org.uk. The terms of hire – and, indeed, whether hire is permitted at all – are at the absolute discretion of the Trustees.